Steps Involved in Registering Your Child for Online Schooling

Steps Involved in Registering Your Child for Online Schooling

You wanted your child in an online school due to the outbreak of a pandemic or any other reason, but doing this suggested you were not familiar with the steps and process, here are some things we know about such a situation.

The steps follow the opinions of parents shared on After you have checked out online learning platforms and have decided on the one most important school for your child, the steps listed below are usually the next stage of the process.

Create a parent portal account

After selecting the ideal online school for your child, this is the next right step to take. You will need to create a parent portal account.

This portal is where vital information will be sent especially as it relates to the welfare of your child. It also allows you to access the registration process and get info through links, e-books, and other sources of information dissemination.

Aside from these, the portal allows you to monitor your child’s progress, get familiar with his or her academic schedule, and enjoy the privilege of communicating with the teachers and supervisors.

Provide basic information

You first need to provide your information and then your child’s information. Your portal account as a parent is never complete until your profile has been updated. Keeping your profile updated means you should fill in the required fields and submit them.

After your profile, the next thing is to fill in the details of your child. There is a window or say an online page where you can do that. You will be prompted to provide basic information about your child before moving to the next stage.

Most details revolve around the age of your child, gender, hobbies, height, and so on. These are basic information but they are needed as insight into the traits and personality assessment of the child. They are also needed to make an analysis.

Answer questions and submit documents

Most select schools throw admission questions at you before you get your child enrolled. Admission questions might be you describing the traits of your child or an admission interview where your child is the interviewee.

If you are to describe, you are expected to tell the intended school what you think about the child, his or her strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats. If it is an interview, your child is subject to basic questions that prompt his or her views and understanding of common knowledge.

After answering the questions, you’ll be required to provide the necessary documents before admission can be processed. Some of the popular documents include your child’s birth certificate, an application form, record of residency, emergency contacts of parents, record of health, record of custody, and record of immunisations.


Getting your child enrolled in an online school is procedural. By this we mean, it is a routine activity that moves from one step to another step. All steps are detailed and should be properly done.