Educational Ways to Inspire the Next Generation

Educational Ways to Inspire the Next Generation

There is a lot of talk in homes, on the news, and in schools about inspiring today’s youth and the future generation of leaders. These conversations start within teens and their parents with the best intentions but usually end up discussing the problems that surround today’s youth, things like cell phone abuse, the social media brain drain, gaming, and substance abuse. That mindset has created a paradigm that entraps the youth and limits them from going beyond the societal expectations set for them. So, if I were to give you three ways to inspire the next generation of leaders, would you believe me? The interesting thing is, what some adults think is impossible, could be started with three simple steps.

The first place to start: The Home.

The self-image of a teenager is primarily defined by what they see and experience in their home. Qualities like responsibility, dedication, commitment, and accountability are all developed by these youth by watching their parents “do” what they say their child should do, and not ignore their teachings. Parents need to demonstrate a unified and secure relationship. I am not talking about a utopian optimistic parent, but a relationship that demonstrates to the teen that life will take you through the peaks and the valleys, but your character is built by not giving up in the valleys. The other aspects of the home that are crucial to inspire teens are the quality of words that are spoken in the house. For example, one cannot minimize the power of a family dinner where stories are told and positive, encouraging words are spoken about the people sitting around the table. Although it may seem that the teen is disinterested in such traditional activities, they open up the channel of communication with teenagers.

The next place that …

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