Preparing for the College Experience: Sooner than Later

College is a major decision for many high school students. If a college degree is the goal, preparing for university entrance needs to start as early as the sophomore year. Although many students will wait until their senior year, there are many advantages. Knowing what colleges look for can help you make better decisions in high school that will make the process much more seamless in a timeline that will be much less stressful.


The first way that guidance that a college prep high school Minnesota office will assist a potential student in is what courses they can take that better help to prepare them for college life. Many high schools offer Advance Placement courses that even qualify for college credits, helping to knock some of those basic prerequisites out of the way. Even if a student is going for just an Associates degree, taking the right courses in high school that could potentially transfer over could save money during the college years.


The other half of college is preparing how you are going to pay for it financially. Starting in the junior year, there are many things you need to do to prepare yourself for the cost of a college education. Whether you are taking out student loans, applying for scholarships, or it is being privately funded, preparing for the financial aid process can be daunting and take some time. Many times, it is best to seek advisement from both the high school and potential colleges early on, so that you have plenty of time to decide which options are going to be the more suitable for your personal situation.

Extra Curriculars

College prep means enhancing your resume that will help you to stand out among other applicants. There are a variety of things that colleges will look for that preparing ahead of time will help you with. One is solid SAT and ACT scores. The second is grades. Finally, colleges will be looking at what kind of extracurricular activities that you are taking part in. Whether it is a club, office, activity or sports- or if you are working or volunteering in the community- your acceptance could hinder on how you spend your free time. Most colleges look at your last two years in high school, so it is a good idea of how you will manage your time during these crucial years.

If you are navigating the college experience alone, it can be so daunting you may give up before you even start. However, if you seek assistance from those who know the path and know what peeks the interest of colleges while you are still in your high school years, from a preparatory office or high school, you will be much more successful in your endeavor. Many successful people have accomplished great things, coming from Minnesota. The question is, what are you going to do to ensure that the process is less stressful while you are planning out the next phase in your life.