Benefits of All Girl Catholic Schools

Many girls just don’t do well in coed public schools for one reason or another. There are many parents who have chosen private schools for their children. Many parents of girls have chosen for one reason or another to send their daughters to all girl Catholic schools. Why is this a choice they have chosen?

Benefits of All Girl Catholic Schools

Smaller Class Sizes

Since these Catholic schools are private schools, there aren’t as many students in each class. This makes it better when you look at the teacher to student ratio. Students get more one on one time with their teachers to ask questions and get extra help in studies they might not be too familiar with. With these class sizes so small, there can be more interaction and better discussions within some classes. With so much opportunity to excel, these schools often have higher graduation rates. The students often times get scholarships.

Feeling Confident

For some parents, when they think of an all girls catholic school bowie md they might think of troubled girls. This might be the reason some girls are sent to schools such as this. Others feel that they don’t feel pressured when boys aren’t around. They can focus on their schooling without the distraction of boys who tend to tease girls and make them feel insecure. Classes they have to take where they focus on the body are easier as students feel they can ask more questions about their body and such as it is all females. Girls who attend these schools where uniforms, so they don’t stand out from one or another. There are plenty of groups these girls can join and often times, they are seen to make some lasting friendships through their groups and their classes.

The Art of Discipline

Discipline is yet another reason parent chooses the all-girls Catholic schools. The ratio of teachers to students is smaller so teachers’ pay more attention to the whereabouts of the students. They are educated and enriched in the Catholic religion, so the students are rooted more in the idea of doing good. They are held accountable more for their actions as there are more staff and lesser students who can follow through on problems that might arise. While the teachers and staff at these Catholic schools are geared towards working with families. When they see problems arise, they are quick to talk to the parents to see what can be done and what might be triggering things such as the slip of grades.

There are plenty of other reasons that parents choose these schools. While some might think this is an appalling idea as you are closing the girls off from interacting with boys; many have found this to be a great way to keep their daughters on track and not distracted by the opposite sex. Others view the religion aspect to be something they wouldn’t want for their child, but they do not press the religion on the students. They do have chapel and religious classes, but respect when students come to their schools to be educated who might not share their faith.